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By Farhad Bitani

The Last White Sheet. The Hell and the Heart of Afghanistan

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I used to be a fundamentalist in my heart. I used to despise the infidels, I thought that those who were not muslims would all go to hell, and that it would be right to use violence to make Islam triumph all over the world. But in Italy I met many people who were better than I was, despite their being neither Afghans nor Muslims. So I started to change my way of thinking.

Farhad Bitani


… strong and terrible book, with a shocking incipit: «I am not a writer. I am a serviceman and my father an Afghan General»; this book forces us to consider how dramatically fundamentalism «is entering many European households».

Angela Venturini, journalist and writer


A story about an inconceivable violence. But the human heart goes on beating, even in the most extreme circumstances, and it goes on recognizing and searching for good.

Andrea, a reader


Beautiful, awesome, it puts many questions to me… which I want to care about! When a man stands in front of himself so honestly, he cannot help but meet the other, whoever this “other” is.

Anna Rita, a reader

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