The Finger in the Candle Flame


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Giorgio Saviane is the Italian publishing scandal. Author of at least twenty novels published by Mondadori, Rizzoli, Rusconi, was totally forgotten. His books won major awards. It was, as they say, a successful writer, but since 2000, year of his death we have lost his editorials trace. Why?Certainly he was an unusual genius, an obnoxious. Of course, he wrote books magnetic but turbid, bumping. Yes, he did not attend the literary club, but the mystery of his disappearance into the black hole of literary galaxy remains.

This is the English version of “Il Papa” which, in 1963, proclaimed Saviane as a new voice of contemporary Italian fiction. A novel which expresses the beginnings of a spiritual sensitivity that will be present in the major part of Saviane’s work.

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